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work fields

work fields 




 First: Engineering Activitees :

  • Preparation of Engeneering plans.
  • Procedure.
  •  Preparation of quantities and technical specification tables.
  • Preparation of plans for industrial cities.
  • Preparation of implemintation contacts.
  • Study the expected cost of the project.
  • The work of the backs and three-dimensional models .
  • Access to government licences.
  • The work of the various feasibility studies for projects.
  • Technical work practices among contractors applicants for the competition.

Third : Electrical Engineering activities :

  • Lighting various types of work .
  • Electricity generation system.
  • Different communication system.
  • Preparation of power distribution schemes.
  • security protection system.
  • Fire protection system..


Second: project supervision :
  • supervision of constraction in all the different disciplines.
  • Managing the implementation of projects.
  •  preparation and review of contracts for subcontractors.
  • Review the charts during implementation.
  • preparation of technical report.
  • Preparation time,financial and operational programs for projects.
  • CAS Preparation for the project contractor.
Fourth : Mechanical engineering activities :
  •  Air conditioning system of all type.
  • Fire-fighting systems.
  • Water supply systems.
  • Sewer systems.
  • Irregation systems.
  •  Extchange og all types and size of plants.
  • Desalination plants.


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