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Why international arbitration ?

Zera to the emergence of new innovations and products, methods and ways of new and modern financial and economic arena and banking Noaahjdidh and the emergence of problems and differences and gaps on the financial, economic and banking arena , technical and real estate and administrative Clalachtlav differ from Mthelth in the past and find mechanisms and ways and methods to avoid and resolve these obstacles and problems require the appearance of his face entrusted to Haltarev all these innovations , problems and ways to solve them and find people Mharyon degree of professionalism on the scene You may afternoon
On the international and domestic arenas international arbitration centers in order to meet the necessities of vital stop required by all Alzerovoualemttlebatt and Almaiaratah and local contemporary so as not to be left behind behind stunning development, and aims Antrzaty Arbitration Tuaahmahamin and bankers, administrators and technical personnel and management companies, banks and others from all other disciplines rules Altgamaty and ordinances of the local and international levels of recourse to the courts specialized (economic courts) and the definition of products and financial Almalahoualemstqat and methods of financing and alternative succession of styles and methods developed on the world stage and its problems Alamlahwalttabiqih and how to avoid getting caught by the ways and methods to solve practical ways
(the use of workshops for training and applied to simulate reality), Explanation and analysis through seminars, conferences and training courses in order to graduate a new generation of high professional cadres craft Vymajalat Engineering and ContractingAnd to identify the practical problems of the real estate financing and the ways and methods resolved by economic courts and the relationship
of the real estate finance economic courts and to identify alternative ways to settle economic disputes and deity economic courts and the scope of its jurisdiction and enforcement of court decisions of economic courts and the elements of real estate finance and purposes licensed to practice the activity and how to organize and agenciesAgreement funding and organization of the legal agreements of funding and staff,
and conditions of limbs and guarantees Mortgage Finance ( financier / investor guarantees guarantees ) definition of the concept and the types of arbitration and arbitration proceedings in decades ( Alvedk / BOT / oil / construction / engineering / Banking / Finance) and arbitration in the check management , contracts and arbitration of disputes Petroleum and Mineral Resources decades and the definition of the procedures followed in economic
courts and to identify the practical problems with the real estate agent and practical problems in the pace of sales and the problems in the process of recording the process of governance in Real EstateAnd all this in order to find a group of specialists and professionals in their fields , to avoid operational risks that could fall out and away from the professionalism in dealing with innovationsIt notes that the Arbitration features make it one of the most important means of alternative dispute resolution and all of us do not deny this importance Hence the idea came to hold these courses our belief in the importance of arbitration through several topics addressed topics entitles the student to find ways to solve such problems through a selection distinct from law professors Bmajalath cost practical and theoretical training through practical workshopsAs the Arbitration of importance at the present time in ending the dispute as soon as possible without resorting to the usual methods of litigation and the litigation that goes on the procedures and to preserve the privacy of the parties it