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our values

1 - Fidelity (implementation accuracy and study all the aspects that need work and check the customer

2 - honesty (the professional level of our performance reflects our hopes in enhancing our reputation)

3 - respect (big our confidence in the role of our customers and partners for the benefit of society)

4 - quality (better use of specialized expertise to share in the completion of business)

5 - professional (check the quality of our creative always what serves all segments of society privileged level)

6 - sovereignty (our permanent confirms our commitment to the absolute fixed long-term profitability)

About us

Farid Engineering Consulting Office for Hardware engineering and Arbitration in the areas of work , design And supervision As an expert and textured geometric of all projects

contact Us

Farid Engineering consultancy office
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Fax : +971(0)26311893
Mob : +971508150553
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Address : Abu Dhabi - UAE